Its purpose is the promotion of digital media arts, in particular computer music, video design and multi media, as well as outreach for any artistic and digital disciplines. Events and publications, as well as Think-Tanks and retreats for artists, musicians and developers, will be organized at irregular intervals. These may be hosted at a location or online.

purpose of the Verein W3rkH0f according to its statues

The Verein W3rkH0f was founded by media artists for media artists.  International by definition, the W3rkH0f exists as a legal entity in Switzerland with legal jurisdiction in Neunkirch, CH. For the most part members of the Verein network and communicate with another electronically.  We attempt to host at least one event per year in the W3rkH0f location (W3rkhain). 

Currently, the verein strives to Incubate a new format for media art which we call “Ambi Media”